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Very-Small-Aperture Terminal

Very-Small-Aperture Terminal

Comtech has updated our VSAT family of products with the revolutionary land and maritime quad band Ultra, offering auto acquire and high speed tracking with terminal sizes ranging from 85cm to 1.3m. Explore Comtech’s full line of Satellite Communications offerings:

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SNAP 2.0

Our SNAP 2.0M VSAT Terminal is a pack-in-the-box Ku VSAT solution. Field-upgradeable to Ka or X-band with a swap of the feed boom assembly, it is designed for rapid deployment, ease of use, and suitability for harsh operating environments.


Ultra is the first land and maritime Comtech VSAT terminal using high speed, hyper accurate auto-acquire with high speed tracking technology incorporating differential GPS. Ultra auto-tracks inclined orbit, MEO and LEO satellites and can even auto-track UAVs to provide tactical downlink of critical ISR data and imagery. The terminal operates in X, Ku, Ka, and Q-bands in both land and maritime environments with tool-less set-up. The Ultra is light weight, IP 65 compliant, operates in 30 mph wind loads, is airline checkable and is easily set up and fully operational by one person in under ten minutes.

Maritime Antenna Solutions

For additional details on each product, please see our downable datasheets.

  • Ka-Band Shipboard Antenna
  • X-Band Shipboard Antenna
  • Multiband Ku/Ka Shipboard Antenna
  • Multiband X/Ka Shipboard Antenna
  • Multiband X/Ku Shipboard Antenna

SNAP 2.0

  • Custom Outdoor Equipment Enclosure (OEE) which houses an integrated spectrum analyzer, Trackstar for auto-acquisition, and power
  • Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) provides highly reliable power backup and conditioning at 1250 VA of nominal 115VAC outputs from an input range of 80-265 VAC / 47 - 400 HZ or 20-32 VDC
  • RF equipment case is four modem capable allowing multiple configurations
  • Deployment and setup in under 30 minutes


  • One hub and transceiver, multiple terminal sizes
  • Swap out petals to easily go from 85cm to 1.3m
  • Custom sizes to 65cm optional
  • Ruggedized for austere environments
  • Quad band (X, Ku, Ka, AEHF)
  • Multi-mission (land or maritime)
  • Single or dual-antenna solution

Maritime Antenna Solutions

Ka-Band Shipboard Antenna

  • 1m, high-efficiency shaped dual reflector
  • 4-port selectable LHCP/RHCP polarization
  • Lightweight, high shock design
  • Maritime radome

X-Band Shipboard Antenna

  • 2.2 m antenna
  • Developed for the German Navy F125 Class Frigate
  • Upgradable X/Ku and X/Ka-Band Feed Simultaneous Multiband Option
  • Low PIM Capability
  • High Power Capacity
  • High Efficiency Shaped Dual Reflector

Multiband Ku/Ka Shipboard Antenna

  • Simultaneous Ku/Ka antenna, developed for the NANSEN Frigate upgrade program
  • High power capacity
  • High efficiency shaped dual reflector

Multiband X/Ka Shipboard Antenna

  • Proven MILSATCOM performance, in use by the Royal Australian Navy
  • For use in Dual-band and Dual-Polarization applications
  • Simultaneous X/Ka-band
  • Measured Low PIM Performance for multi-carrier application

Multiband X/Ku Shipboard Antenna

  • MILSATCOM and COMSATCOM in one antenna
  • Simultaneous 1.0M X/Ku-band antenna
  • High efficiency shaped dual reflector

SNAP 2.0 Download PDF

Ultra .85 Download PDF

Ultra 1.3 Download PDF

Ultra-85 Maritime Download PDF

Ka-Band Shipboard Antenna Download PDF

2.2M X-Band Shipboard Antenna Download PDF

Multiband Ku-Ka Shipboard Antenna Download PDF

Multiband X-Ka Shipboard Antenna Download PDF

Multiband X-Ku Shipboard Antenna Download PDF